Oh, Pewds… WHY???

I do follow a lot of cool gamers on Youtube. To name a few, I love Cryaotic, Minx, and JonTron. But… this post isn’t about these guys and gal, they’re awesome and should keep up the good work! ^_^v

No, sadly this about a gamer that I use to have high respect for named Pewdiepie. Honestly, I found him very late in the game, but couldn’t stop watching his videos until I had watched THEM ALL! Yes, I got a little obsessive there, like any of his fans. He was wacky, lovable, beyond hilarious, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking too.

do-you-see-these-moves_designBy the end of my Pewdiepie binges, I scraped my pennies together for a $29.99 Pewdiepie shirt, that said “Do you see these moves?” on it. I was a happy little fan and began calling myself a “bro”, the title he gives to his fans no matter if you are a guy or girl. I thought it was very nice that he wasn’t gender oriented and allowed the female fans to be a part of the experience equally… or so I thought.

I had joined in with his charities, scraping pennies together once more, and was in awe of the good work he was trying to do for impoverished countries. And I admit, I allowed myself to believe there was goodness within humanity after all!

Then Pewdiepie was dubbed number one on Youtube and earned the Guinness World Record for having the most Youtube subscribers. And that’s when everything began to go downhill for the Youtube Star. Dun, dun, dun!  u_u

It started with a few videos, where he would say something a little racist. I am a “minority”, but I tried to ignore his slurs the first two times, but then it continued and “bros” were egging him on that this was alright. It’s DUCKING not! (not a typo, he would know what this means!) >_>

So… I tried to bite my lip and ignore this fact.  However, he then began to make many sexist jokes and calling every female character in his games “dumb bitch”, just because it was a female. Ahem… I’m female, so I was a tad PISSED OFF! And yet, I tried to ignore this too.

Cat HitlerMeanwhile a new breed of “fans” began to show up, calling themselves “The Bro Army” who encouraged this bad behavior AND attacked any real fan who nudged, “Pewdie… what are you saying? That’s not cool of you.” Any complaint or opinion that didn’t say, “Pewdiepie is perfect! I want to smell his hair and touch his butt, and do naughty things to him!” was instantly attacked by this “army” which resembles the genocidal armies of any known dictatorship. Pick one, it all applies! >_<

And god forbid if you write anywhere on the net that you don’t like Pewdiepie, never had, and never will… this “army” will hunt you down and rip you a new one in order to make sure that you hate Pewdiepie even MORE SO, because of his crazed fanboys. I still don’t see the point of that logic, but somehow they do… o_O

I waited for Pewdie to make a video, urging his fans to stop this madness (because that’s what i would do!), but instead his next line of “jokes” was homophobic instead! Erm… I’m bisexual and have many gay and lesbian loved ones. That’s NOT cool, bro! Not cool at all.  u_u

Book: Closet CaseThe strange thing is… every other one of his videos he express having homosexual sex with a man or points out everything that he thinks looks like a penis. He seems more keenly intent on male genitalia than women’s, within his homophobic slurs or “jokes”. I want to call it… I really do! I’m bouncing in my chair, with my hand raised up towards the teacher, “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer! I know what it is! Call on me!” ^o^/

And in that regard, I actually feel a lot sorry for him, in the pitying way that I feel about all closet cases who self hate. I would want to give him a hug and tell him it’s okay to be whoever he is born to be: gay, bisexual, straight, or whatever. It doesn’t matter, any of it, we should just respect each other as HUMAN BEINGS.

So, I stopped watching his videos and I feel funny wearing the shirt now. It cost me so much to buy it and I’m the frugal type that can’t toss anything away, so I wear it whenever I run out of clean laundry. And when people ask me, “What’s that’s shirt all about?” I answer, “It’s Pewdiepie, the biggest asshole on Youtube!” =p

Unlike sexual orientation, gender identity, or race, being an asshole or douchebag is a choice. I’m hopeful that someday he will come away from being so and return back to himself… the Pewdie that me and other fans loved from the start, before we were chased off. Duck. -_-

Duck Hunt-D


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